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Profile of Hidenao Abe

Hidenao (Hide) Abe is an architect who practiced professionally for a decade prior to becoming stay-at-home father upon his daughter's birth. During his hiatus from architecture, Hide has been busy with local organizations, from serving on the Board of his community's School Foundation to applying his fluency in Japanese at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, contributing to IBM's effort to improve computer's ability to comprehend human language, a research that captured public's mind as Watson, the computer contestant in "Jeopardy!" One passion that has remained constant throughout Hide's life is photography. It all began when at age 15 he inherited his grandfather's Nikon. When Hide's daughter was born in 2002, digital imaging devices and software were hitting the mass market at an unprecedented scale. As his daughter grew and matured, so too did the technology of digital cameras. Traditional darkrooms that required significant investment in equipment and space were made accessible to many in a form of more powerful home computers and sophisticated image manipulation software. Over time, Hide's longtime hobby has translated into a career as he explored deeper into the world of digital imaging. Naturally drawn to visuals offered by architectural and urban environment due to his training in architecture, Hide understands and appreciates natural beauty, producing landscape photographs that have been exhibited to acclaim. Years spent chasing his daughter and the family's three cats with a camera in hand, documenting fundraiser events for local education organizations and swim club meets have enabled Hide to expand his repertoire. Regardless of the genre, Hide's photographs are characterized by attention to detail, composition and balance.