Profile of Hidenao Abe

Hidenao (Hide) Abe is an architect who practiced professionally for a decade prior to becoming stay-at-home father upon his daughter's birth. After “soft-retiring” from architecture, Hide has been actively volunteering and served on the board of several of community's organizations. He has also worked at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, applying his fluency in Japanese to contribute to IBM’s research to improve artificial intelligence’s ability to comprehend human language, an effort that culminated in capturing public's mind as Watson, the computer contestant in "Jeopardy!" Throughout his life, one of the two passions that has remained constant is photography (another is soccer). It all began at age 15 when he inherited his grandfather's Nikon. Naturally drawn to visuals offered by architectural and urban environment owing to his training in architecture, Hide's longtime hobby has developed into a career specializing in architecture and interior photography. Hide also enjoys broader aspects of photography and can be seen chasing the family's three cats with a camera in hand, covering events, or setting up landscape shots locally as well as wherever his travels take him. Regardless of genre, Hide's photographs are characterized by attention to detail, composition and balance.